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One at a Time


Lovatt Foundation .Org is a charitable, world-wide collective that was founded in May 2015 and serves as an umbrella for high value, grass-root level, long-term projects in the red zone of Northern Nigeria.

Founded in May 2015 it has grown from setting up one orphanage for 30 children (of troubled Borno) to what it is today. Current projects include ‘COB’ – Children of Borno, the RUMBU Program, Tree Planting and Borehole Repairs, to name just a few.


From Maiduguri, Northern Nigeria, we channel every donation to the project of your choice. If you make a general (no project specified) donation, it will be allocated to where the need is greatest. The Lovatt Foundation .Org works closely with those in great need while appreciating contributions from community volunteers, NGOs, trades people and individuals. Every penny goes a long way as the collective does not get paid, nobody draws a wage for the work. We love designing projects to meet the individual passions of our supporters (e.g. solar unit, beehive, surgery, enterprise, tree planting, online learning, community library, etc).


Volunteer: Share your talents, services and time on the ground or from afar.
Donations: To donate goods or services contact Fiona. To donate funds below depending on where in the world you are.


We are registered with CAC in Nigeria as an NGO under the name of Lovatt Foundation for Children. The Ministry of Womens Affairs and Social Development recently recognized our innovative and successful work with the Children of Borno, and we are grateful for the recognition and official support they have issued to ensure the safeguarding of the children.

Priority Appeal

Please consider this appeal when you donate today:


Ways to donate

You can give to key projects today by using the project name as identifier. If none is mentioned we will allocate your gift to where need is the greatest.

Key Project: Borehole Repairs

US, Europe & Australia:


UPDATE: Transferwise has suspended transfers to Nigeria until further notice.

Within Nigeria:

Bank Transfer
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Bank Name: Ecobank
Account Name: Fiona Margaret Lovatt
Account Number: 561 300 2732
Sort Code (Routing No): 050 120 639

Just some of our Supporters

Sponsor: Dr. Isa Muhammad Jiddah Alfadlah (Nigeria)Volunteer: Susan Henshaw (Vegas, USA)Supporter: Initiative for Community Welfare & CareVolunteer: Marian Evans (New Zealand)Supporter: Marawe SolutionsVolunteer: Kelly Harris (Australia)Volunteer: Saeed Kirki (Hungary)Supporter: MangoesToShare.Org (Florida, USA)Volunteer: Ed Keazor (Nigeria)Sponsor: (UK)Volunteer: Josh Ekemezuma (UK)Supporter: Jack Vincent Fidelis Jr (Nigeria)Supporter: Sidro Synergies Ltd (Hungary)Volunteer: Abubakar Gambo (Nigeria)Supporters: Sunshine International SchoolVolunteer: Aliyu A. Wali (Nigeria)Volunteer: Chaela Hall (UK)Sponsor: Cerebo Systems (Nigeria)Volunteer: Ahmed Abubakar (Nigeria)Volunteer: Caroline Idehen (USA)Supporter: Maternova (Canada)Supporter: Dave Moskovitz (New Zealand)Supporter: Kereshmeh and Akin Odulate (North Carolina, USA)Sponsor: Dawning Systems (Charlotte, USA)Supporter: Mr and Mrs Rayner (UK)Supporter: Fun House Pre-School (Nigeria)Supporter: Mr Counts (Oklahoma, USA)Supporter: EMRTS (Edmond, USA)Supporter: Joseph Williams (UK)Volunteer: Barbara Bergin (UK)Supporter: Sheldon's Electrical Enterprises (UK)Supporter: November (Australia)Supporter: Lorna Brown (UK)Supporter: The Salam Project (UK)Anna Milaeva (Miami, USA)Callum Bowen (Australia)Dafe Otite (UK)WHSmith Wood Green Branch (London, UK)Rachel A. Onamusi (UK)Viva Naija Radio (UK)Dr. F. Adebajo (UK)Umar Saleh Gwani (Bauchi, Nigeria)Canty's Bookshop (Canberra, Australia)Serhat Maras (London, UK)Alexandra (Wellington, New Zealand)Modulaire Inc (Oklahoma, US)Fatsuma Magaji (Kaduna, Nigeria)Dr. Gabrielle Abia Biteo-Talon (London, UK)Love Tilly Billy (London, UK)Hussaina Imam (Kano, Nigeria)Jasmine (South Korea)Fun Tree Books (Texas, US)Dieter Suess (Kempten, Germany)Pastor Paul Hamilton-Testrote (Wellingborough, UK)Golden Penny Foods (Nigeria)Len Bowen (Canberra, Australia)Avril Hume (Canberra, Australia)Jane Oswald Easley (Philadelphia, US)Citizens Advice (London Enfield, UK)Emina Cerimovic (Brooklyn, NY, USA)Dallas (Australia)Oyedepo Joseph (Nigeria)NewRiverN22 (UK)Tasneem Aziz

that contributed to

Orphans supported

IDPs helped

Micro Businesses

Boreholes / Solar Units

Surgeries funded

Almajiri Scholarships

Trees planted

Books donated

We are learning to plant
and grow our own food


Please email Fiona to arrange a call due to intermittent signal and service.