We got a new home for 30 kids!!!

Many pitfalls and turns along the way and here we have Gidan Salma for another 30 orphans to call “home”.

We are taking this new step with the merest basics and a lot of good will.

So far we support:

34 Children in COB1
30 Children in COB3
28 Children in COB5
30 Children in COB 6 (the new home)

From COB 2&4 we had seen 17 widows and their 63 children become independent through 18 months of support and education!

Besides the kids, with these houses and 2 auto rickshaws, the Lovatt Foundation created positions for 28 widows and displaced people of all ages.

People who live and work in our houses now have security, good health, purpose, and hopes for a better future. By providing full board to most staff they largely work for love and the small stipend. Nine are currently undertaking some further study on top of their ongoing professional development.

Only three or four have work outside the houses.
The homes are such nice places to live in. .. not because of material wealth but because inhabitants are so happy and so busy with learning and gardening and sewing and stuff.

Today we are celebrating the joy of seeing the seeds of hope for these new kids to flourish.

As always, thanking each one of you for your help, support and love!