A bitter-sweet glorious day when a mother we thought was dead appears 2 years later.

A grandmother we have known all along brings her to collect her sons, our sons. We give thanks for her life and, after counselling, give her an enterprise grant and the children. Imagine living in a society where the infrastructure is so poor that it can take a mother more than two years to find her mother and her remaining children. No database has been available for the people to refer to in their quest to find relatives.
We are grateful that a family is reunited and we feel the ache of the departure and the hope for the future of these lads.

They came to us traumatised, gaunt, plagued with various ailments, and unschooled. They leave with smiles, with knowledge and health. We shall be keeping in contact with all of them. The ties are strong.

May they be a blessing to the world.