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A bitter-sweet glorious day when a mother we thought was dead appears 2 years later. A grandmother we have known all along brings her to collect her sons, our sons. We give thanks for her life and, after counselling, give her an enterprise grant and the...

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WE have a new home!

We got a new home for 30 kids!!! Many pitfalls and turns along the way and here we have Gidan Salma for another 30 orphans to call "home". We are taking this new step with the merest basics and a lot of good will. So far we support: 34 Children in COB1 30 Children in...

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Cupcakes & Smiles

We appreciate all the people who join us, sharing what they love. A photographer grants a gift of imagery, a cake-maker brings the cupcakes, the Children declare it is the sweetest thing they have ever eaten. Our children had never had cake, Some didn't know it was...

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COB | The Story So Far

With the help of about 50 supporters we have rented a three-bedroom house in suburban Maiduguri, Borno state's capital. Two teachers and a nanny have been employed. They helped us select the children. All the residents, adults and children, come from the same local...

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Eid Celebrations in Maiduguri

Eid Celebrations in Maiduguri, BORNO North East Nigeria has been plagued with terrorist activity for the last six years, leaving an ocean of orphans tossed up on the shores of history. Lovatt Foundation has worked to establish homes that are gardens and...

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COB: Nine Weeks In

Thirty children are now settled in the three bedroom bungalow we have been able to lease. The first year's rent has been paid. All basic household items have been purchased and in the process we tried to support local craftsmen and artisans as much as possible. Our...

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