This project requires no money. It is a simple forum on Facebook where ideas are shared, encouraging any literate person, any person with knowledge n any field, to take the role of tutor. If each of us can mentor one student or ten students then we are playing a part in creating a better world.

In Nigeria it is common to have classes in primary and secondary school with 45 or more students. The resources amount to a blackboard and a piece of chalk in most schools. Yet everyone who owns a book can share that book. Everyone who knows basic maths can demonstrate the operations using locally available resources. Some one with a few apps on their hand-piece can use that electronic equipment as a teaching tool.

Out of personal interest Fiona read all of the Nigerian curriculum documents (except the local languages), covering Primary 1 – Senior Secondary 3, and many of the approved text books. She has a passion for an integrated curriculum. Fiona is available for school improvement reviews and professional development workshops for teachers. She has worked alongside Dr.Paddy Njoku?to deliver training in ethics to customs officers across Nigeria. The income she earns from such work is invested back into her other projects.