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Children of Borno

Why is it urgent for COB – Children of Borno to find homes for orphaned children in the state of Borno,  northern Nigeria? It's urgent because Boko Haram has killed many people and displaced about 1.5 million more. It's necessary because there are many orphans. It's...

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Let’s Teach

This project requires no money. It is a simple forum on Facebook where ideas are shared, encouraging any literate person, any person with knowledge n any field, to take the role of tutor. If each of us can mentor one student or ten students then we are playing a part...

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Gidan Almajirai – House of Scholars

On the old trade routes at the southern edge of the Sahara, literacy has been alive for at least one thousand years. In that tradition young male children were sent to study with a teacher. The education they received had several dimensions. Book learning was just one...

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