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You can give to key projects today. Please note: We lose 4% of your donation with PayPal plus the cost of an additional currency exchange fee to send funds to the Lovatt Foundation .Org in Nigeria. We would be grateful if you consider adding this to your gift when using PayPal.

Details required for Direct Bank Transfers
Acc Name: Fiona Margaret Lovatt | Bank Name: Ecobank | Account Number: 5613002732 | Sort Code: 050120639
Use the Projects Name as Identifier: Mothers, COB or Gidan. If none is mentioned we will allocate your gift to where it is needed the most.

Australian Fundraiser for COB - Children of Borno at GoFundMe.Com

UK Fundraiser for COB - Children of Borno at GoFundMe.Com

Mothers Alive

Donate USD $ using US PayPal

Children Of Borno

Donate USD $ using US PayPal

Internally Displaced People

Donate USD $ using US PayPal

Please Allocate my Donation (where need is greatest)


DONATE USD $ using US PayPal

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I donate more than once?

You can donate as often as you like. We are very grateful to those who make a regular commitment. Our projects are all small scale and your loose change, sent regularly, makes a real difference.

Will I get a receipt?

A receipt is generated through PayPal. Direct transfers will be reflected in your monthly bank statement. Please note that these donations are not tax-deductible.

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