Lovatt Foundation .Org delivers high value, grass-root level, long-term projects in Northern Nigeria. Projects currently include: COB – Children of Borno, Gidan Almajirai, Mothers Alive and Emergency Care for IDPs

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Urgent Appeal
Please consider these a priority when you donate today.

COB – Children of Borno
helping some of the thousands of children, orphaned and homeless from the ongoing emergency in Northern Nigeria. One orphanage has now been set up and 30 children have been able to leave the IDP camp to the safety of a private compound.

Emergency Care for Internally Displaced People (IDP’s)
is helping the continued arrival of homeless, displaced people as the state’s funds for providing basic help has dried up. Women with children (often including children they picked up on the way to safety) are helped with basic items and accommodation. We then identify a skill they have and given micro-loans of $50 to start up a small business, helping them into economic independence.

How WE help

In Kano, Northern Nigeria, New Zealander Fiona Lovatt – with the help of the young people of Gidan Almajirai – channels every donation directly to where you want it to go, or where it needs to go urgently if you make a general donation. The Lovatt Foundation works closely with those in need, officialdom, landlords, traders and local benefactors.

How YOU help

  • Donate: Everything you donate will be applied to the project of your choice.
  • Follow us on Facebook or Twitter: Sharing real-time updates with your social community helps us enormously, especially for urgent appeals.
  • Join as a volunteer: Contact Fiona using our Contact Form


COB smCOB – CHILDREN OF BORNO provides small group homes and home-based education for orphans from the Northern Nigerian conflict. The pilot home is for 24 girls. Your donation will help keep the orphans in village groups, as close to their homes of origin... Learn More

Kano Kettle

Kano KettleLovatt Foundation .Org will use your gift to provide a KANO KETTLE to a family or families living in poverty, to use for cooking and heating water. With a Kano Kettle, a family becomes part of a grassroots education programme that means... Learn More

Mothers Alive

MOTHERS ALIVE aims to reduce maternal deaths by post-partum hemorrhage in rural Nigeria dramatically, by equipping traditional birth attendants and midwives with lifesaving equipment and certified training in how... Learn More

Some Of Our Supporters

Sponsor: Dr. Isa Muhammad Jiddah Alfadlah (Nigeria)Volunteer: Susan Henshaw (Vegas, USA)Supporter: Initiative for Community Welfare & CareVolunteer: Sadisu Salisu (Nigeria)Volunteer: Marian Evans (New Zealand)Supporter: Marawe SolutionsVolunteer: Kelly Harris (Australia)Volunteer: Saeed Kirki (Hungary)Supporter: MangoesToShare.Org (Florida, USA)Sponsor: ochomedia.co.ukVolunteer: Josh Ekemezuma (UK)Supporter: Jack Vincent Fidelis Jr (Nigeria)Supporter: Sidro Synergies Ltd (Hungary)Volunteer: Abubakar Gambo (Nigeria)Supporters: Sunshine International SchoolVolunteer: Aliyu A. Wali (Nigeria)Volunteer: Chaela Hall (UK)Sponsor: Cerebo Systems (Nigeria)Volunteer: Ahmed Abubakar (Nigeria)Volunteer: Caroline Idehen (USA)Supporter: Maternova (Canada)Supporter: Dave Moskovitz (New Zealand)Supporter: Kereshmeh and Akin Odulate (North Carolina, USA)Sponsor: Dawning Systems (Charlotte, USA)Supporter: Mr and Mrs Rayner (UK)Supporter: Dallas and her parents (Australia)Supporter: Fun House Pre-School (Nigeria)Volunteer: Ikirama Mukhtar (Nigeria)Supporter: Mr Counts (Oklahoma, USA)Supporter: EMRTS (Edmond, USA)Supporter: Joseph Williams (UK)Volunteer: Barbara Bergin (UK)Supporter: Sheldon's Electrical Enterprises (UK)Supporter: November (Australia)Supporter: Lorna Brown (UK)Supporter: The Salam Project (UK)Anna Milaeva (Miami, USA)Callum Bowen (Australia)Dafe Otite (UK)WHSmith Wood Green Branch (London, UK)Rachel A. Onamusi (UK)Viva Naija Radio (UK)Dr. F. Adebajo (UK)Canty's Bookshop (Canberra, Australia)

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